Message from the President

Masanori Okuda

Masanori Okuda, Representative Director, President

Masanori Okuda

The Ultimate Goal Is To Be Better Today Than Yesterday. We focus on three pillars of sustainability: Human, Environmental and Innovation for better tomorrow

DAIKEN was founded in September 1945.

After World War II, building material was required for residential construction as the Japanese began the work of rebuilding Japan. the founders had a passion for “manufacturing raw materials for reconstruction as well as wood sawing product, hoping to aid in the rebuilding for the sake of Japanese society and the daily lives of the people” and these feelings were put into the production of various lumber products and manufactured flooring materials.

Ever since the company was established we have maintained a concern for sustainability in our raw materials, and also taken the perspective of consumers and developed products for creating high quality spaces, which we continue to supply today.

In the future, we will not limit ourselves to the Japanese domestic market, but instead expand our field to foreign countries as well, conduct manufacturing with concern for both sustainability and consumer perspectives, and uncover new functionality never created before, with the goal of contributing to the achievement of a future in which humanity, the spaces we use, and the environment are all in balance. We continue to challenge new possibilities.