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Message from the President
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To Shareholders

Under our group corporate philosophy, the group promotes business activities as an all-embracing company for building materials under the GP (Grow/Glow 25), the long-term vision that delineates what we want to become by the 80th anniversary in 2025.

FY 2021 was the second year of the GP25 2nd Stage (FY 2020–2022), the three-year medium-term management plan, as the second step toward the achievement of the long-term vision. We just passed the turning point. At the same time, conventional wisdom and values substantially transformed this year because of the two forced global changes in the external environment from the new normal required under COVID-19 and the accelerated shift toward carbon neutrality.

Under these changing business circumstances, we believe that the group should leverage its strengths to realize an affluent living environment and pursue the sustainable use of wood resources as two priority requirements.

Regarding the realization of an affluent living environment, consumer needs are expanding for a more comfortable living environment due to the increased time spent at home resulting from restrictions on going out and working from home as required by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the daily living environment of people is becoming more essential than ever, we will develop new products and offer broader proposals as a manufacturer of building materials that contributes to production from the viewpoint of providing a safe, secure, healthy, and comfortable ambience with our technology for antiviral measures, improvement of a sound environment, and humidity conditioning.

As for the pursuit of the sustainable use of wood resources, we have re-recognized that the business activities from our foundation substantially contribute to carbon neutrality by effectively using wood and producing industrial materials and building materials to be used for many years. To further strengthen these business activities, we will accelerate the development of new technologies and boost the shift toward domestic timber, for which the promotion of use is required under a governmental policy, from natural lauan wood, for which protection is urged due to the concern over depletion, and will examine the commercialization of such technologies.

We will continue to pursue the sustainable improvement of corporate value by continuously contributing to society through business by joining the technology, ideas, and passion of our group. We sincerely ask for the continued support of stockholders and investors.

Masanori Okuda, Representative Director, President