A brief introduction to terms related to our business, products and management policies.


Our unique name for the antiviral function
Building materials business
One of our business segments whose main products are flooring, doors,Cabinet and Sound products used in buildings such as houses, public spaces and commercial facilities.


Cellulose nanofibers (CNF)
Fibers made by thinning cellulose, which is a type of prime constituent of cell walls extracted from timber, to the width of about 15 nanometers (nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter). The abbreviation for Cellulose Nano Fiber, which is also called CNF.
Circular economy
Economic activities to create added value through servitization while minimizing resource input and consumption and effectively using stocks, in addition to the initiatives for the conventional 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) (Circular economy). This is to aim for maximization of the value of resources and products, minimizing resource consumption, and inhibiting the generation of waste.
The abbreviation for Creating Shared Value. An approach to create both the economic value and social value by the company responding to social needs (resolution of social issues). It is the concept advocated by Professor Michael Porter who is an American management scholar. The Daiken Group defined it as finding solutions to social issues through the provision of common values capitalizing on Daiken’s uniqueness and has been enhancing it to increase the linkage with the growth strategy.


An inorganic material molded into a board using an unused resource, Shirasu (volcanic ash), and slag wool.The main product of our Industrial materials business.
Mineral fiberboard molded into a board using slag wool as a byproduct of steel production.The main product of our Industrial materials business.
Degree of penetration of the group corporate philosophy
Our own indices in which employees’ understanding, sharing, and practice of the group corporate philosophy were indexed as compared to fiscal 2018
DW fiber
DW fiber is a soil improvement additive with the point of view to utilize timber without being wasted and made of timber offcuts that are generated in manufacturing LVL by Orochi Co., Ltd., using wood that the Nichinan Forestry Cooperative hewed out and fibrillated and to which fulvic acid with plant growth-promoting effects is added.


Engineering business
One of our business segments whose major projects are interior construction for public spaces and commercial facilities, including schools, event venues, office buildings, and apartment buildings, to create spaces that optimize the performance of industrial and building materials.


GLOW EARTH is a wood medium culture that can create an optimal cultural environment by making factor substances that inhibit the growth of plants harmless.
Group Corporate Philosophy
Daiken Group’s Goal.To have a concept in common with all of the Group’ s employees and adjust the direction to move forward, the Daiken Group has established the group corporate philosophy, which consists of the three elements of the Company mission [Our Mission], Company vision [Our Vision], and Company values [Our Values]. While globalization and diversification of human resources progress, in order to realize the further growth as a company, it is important that all employees share the common mission, company vision, and values that we consider important and align the direction to go. So, our group aimed for the enhancement of management based on the sustainable improvement of corporate value and philosophy, evolved the past management philosophy in April 2017, and established the Group Corporate Philosophy.


I-Joist: A structural material, which is a composite material of Oriented Strand Board (OSB): A structural wooden board made by laying a thin rectangular wood piece cut from raw wood upon another in a way that the surface layer and core layer cross at right angles in the fiber direction and compressed at high temperature, LVL, and lumber. Its structure is that square logs are combined on the both edges of an OSB reinforcing board and Pacific Woodtech Corporation uses LVL that they manufacture as square logs. By making it a composite member, it will have higher strength and accuracy than solid wood with the same dimensions. It is lightweight, offers excellent workability, and is used as the structural material mainly for floor framing and roof framing.
Industrial materials business
One of our business segments that makes effective use of wood and mineral resources from a sustainable perspective. Our main products that make effective use of wood resources are MDF, insulation boards, tatami facing, LVL, and veneer. In addition, Dai-Lite and Dai-Lotone are the main products that make effective use of mineral resources.
Insulation board
Wooden fiberboard using construction demolition timber for main raw material and molded into a board.The main product of our Industrial materials business.
Internal carbon pricing
The internal carbon price set in a company. A mechanism to promote investments in and countermeasures for low carbon, such as the reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, the incentive for the promotion of energy saving, refreshing awareness in a company, and the policy for investment decision-making.


Lauan wood (Natural Tropical species)
Natural hardwood timber in Southeast Asia. It has high workability and is used for plywood, substrate of furniture.
Long-Term Vision GP25
A management policy that depicts what we want to be in 2025, which marks the 80th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of 2015. Positioning of milestones with respect to the Group Corporate Philosophy. "GP" is an abbreviation for Grow / Glow plan. Means two meanings: Grow and Glow. Even though the new housing market in Japan is shrinking, we are aiming for a corporate image that continues to grow and glow by aggressively expanding into the non-residential field and overseas markets.
The abbreviation for Laminated Veneer Lumber. A fabricated wood product manufactured by laminating veneers cut from a log all parallelized in the fiber direction and gluing them together. It is used for posts and beams of houses, frame materials for furniture, staircase sets, and frames/substrates of doors.


Material recycling
It is to collect waste generated from used products and production processes, process it in a way that it can be easily used, and use it as a material or raw material for new products. Based on the idea of the pursuit of using timber as a material to the extent possible, the Daiken Group uses wood chips from offcuts and demolished houses as primary raw materials for MDF and insulation boards that are the primary products.
The abbreviation for Medium Density Fiberboard. Wooden fiberboard using residual wood offcuts for main raw material and pressed into a board. It is used for flooring substrates, substrates of doors, cabinets, and furniture.
Medium-Term ESG Plan
A management plan for ESG linked to the medium-term management plan GP25 2nd Stage.In formulating the medium-term management plan GP25 2nd Stage, we determined the ESG domains and themes that are considered particularly important in achieving management strategies through deliberations in various projects and the CSR committee. For each theme, we set specific initiatives and goals toward fiscal 2022, which is the final fiscal year of the medium-term management plan, as the medium-term ESG plan, will promote the plan integrally with the medium-term management plan, and lead to the enhancement of the management foundation.
Medium-Term Management Plan GP25 2nd Stage
A three-year management plan from FY2020 to FY2022 for the realization of Long-Term Vision GP25. As a basic policy, we have set two axes: accelerating growth strategies and enhancement of the management foundation.


New normal
It refers to the state where there is a huge change occurred in society, conditions cannot be returned to the previous state before the change occurred, and new common sense is established (new normal). The Daiken Group positioned the responses to new normal, such as the changes in society, lifestyles, and consciousness, in and after 2020 on the background of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 as materiality, User Needs in the New Normal Era.


The state where an employee is not absent and it does not appear in managing attendance, but productivity decreased for health reasons. In promoting health management, the Daiken Group has set the Presenteeism Loss Rate as one of the ESG goals as the index to measure the effect of each measure.


Solution proposal
The words are often used in the sense of resolving a customer’s issue by combining the existing products or creating a program other than the product. Product development tailored to the needs, instead of only the existing products, for trouble that a customer has and proposals for spaces that utilize simulations aimed at the environmental improvement for the spaces are such proposals.
Sustainability transformation (SX)
The strategic policy for companies to place emphasis on Sustainability in the environment with growing uncertainties, to simultaneously pursue the company’s profitability and ESG (environment, society, and governance), to transform the concept of management and the concept of a dialogue with investors. This was recommended in the Study Group on Approaches to Making More Substantial the Dialogues for Creation of Sustainable Corporate Value by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in August 2020.


Tatami facing
Tatami facing made from straw twisted machine-made Japanese paper strings and a resin coating.The main product of our Industrial materials business, which is developed as a substitute for "rush", which is usually used for tatami facing.
TDY Collaboration Showroom
Toward the enhancement of our capability to propose remodeling, three companies of TOTO Ltd., Daiken, and YKK AP Inc. that have been in an alliance relationship since 2002 operate collaboration showrooms at eight sites in Japan.You can see products from three TDY companies in the same place: Daiken's floorings, interior building materials such as doors, TOTO's kitchens and bathrooms, and YKK AP's windows and exteriors.
Thermal recycling
It is to not only simply conduct waste incineration processing but collect and use energy generated at the time of incineration. The Daiken Group uses wood chips, which cannot be used as product raw materials, and offcuts and wood power generated in the working process as fuel for woody biomass boilers as the necessary heat source in the manufacturing process.
Total diversity index
Our own indices in which the eight diversity items, such as the female manager ratio, were indexed as compared to fiscal 2019


A thin plate of timber (thin plate with thickness of 2-4 mm: veneer) cut in manner of rotary cutting of a log. It is used for manufacturing LVL and plywood as well as decorative surface materials for furniture and building materials.


Woody biomass boiler
Boiler that uses wood chips as fuel.Regarding MDF and the insulation boards that are the primary products in the industrial materials business, we use wood chips from offcuts and demolished houses as primary raw materials based on the idea of the pursuit of using timber as a material to the extent possible.
Furthermore, we use wood chips, which cannot be used as product raw materials, as fuel for woody biomass boilers as the necessary heat source in the manufacturing process. Likewise in the building materials business that manufactures doors and flooring materials by processing wood materials, offcuts and wood powder generated in the manufacturing process are used as fuel. Our group puts effort into reducing CO2 emissions by using renewable energy linked to these business activities.
WPC Processing Technology
WPC = The abbreviation for Wood Plastics Combination. Our unique technology to harden wood tissues by injecting plastics into and filling the tissues. By processing surface wood for flooring, it demonstrates strength against dents and scratches.