Human Resource Strategies

In order for our employees to be able to feel happy to be the members of our group, the Daiken Group has been promoting the initiatives from the perspectives of the promotion of diversity, workstyle reform, human resource development, and promotion of health management. By continuously deploying the measures from four perspectives, we will lead to producing the favorable cycle, maximizing human resource value by improving individual performance, and improving the entire group’s corporate value.

Human Resource Strategies

Human Resource Strategies

To steadily promote the initiatives for the promotion of diversity in a balanced way, we have set the total diversity index from the medium-term management plan GP25 2nd Stage in which the eight diversity items were indexed as our own indices and manage the goals. The total index in fiscal 2022 increased by 30 points from fiscal 2019, which is a benchmark, and surpassed a 20-point increase, which was the goal in the final fiscal year. In particular, the fact that the percentage of taking paternity leave* significantly improved contributed, and the results of the initiatives toward the improvement of the percentage of taking such leave emerged, such as the issuance of a guidebook to lead to disseminating the system and refreshing awareness and e-mail newsletters for eligible persons. From fiscal 2023, we changed part of the items to set goals that are more in line with the issues under the present circumstances and have been continuing to promote the initiatives as the total diversity index 3rd Stage.

* “The percentage of male employees taking childcare leave” in the total diversity index is calculated based on the three-year total value to measure the progression rate over the years.

Initiatives that Link Diversity Promotion and Workstyle Reform

As shift to more flexible work styles without being bound by the conventional ideas is necessary in order for human resources who have diverse values to fully exercise their abilities, we link the diversity promotion and the workstyle reform and have been integrally promoting the initiatives, such as the formulation of the policy and system, refreshing awareness, and education and training for upskilling. Particularly in recent years, with a view to further improving corporate value in the medium- to long-term, we have been deploying a number of measures to facilitate the active roles of female employees. As a result, the percentage of newly graduated females hired, which was approximately 8% in fiscal 2011, increased to approximately 46% on average of seven years after formulating GP25, and the ratio of female employees has been increasing year after year. These initiatives lead not only to the active roles of female employees but also to the building of the foundation for the work-style reform and for employees who will be in various life events to more flexibly work with enthusiasm. We will proceed with the creation of workplaces where diverse human resources can maximally utilize their abilities from the medium- to long-term perspective.

Realization of the Growth Strategy and Development of Human Resources for the Next Generation

Believing that cultivating autonomy in our employees is a key for our further growth and persistent corporate value improvement, we have provided various training opportunities for our employees to acquire the skills or knowledge needed for each service year, rank, and job type. From the new medium-term management plan GP25 3rd Stage, we newly established the Skill Enhancement Training and have been enhancing capabilities required for each rank. Moreover, to develop human resources who can be active in the three markets that are positioned as priority markets toward the realization of the long-term vision, we will proactively invest in human resource development with a focus on the priority market enhancement program.