DAIKEN Cabinet

About DAIKEN Cabinet

  • DAIKEN Cabinet offers a variety of unit types to create the ideal Cabinet system that blends with your lifestyle and interior.
  • Diverse designs and modes of Cabinet are coupled with unique functions to meet a broad range of customer needs.
  • The color and pattern can be matched with doors or flooring for a consistent, coordinated look.

Features of DAIKEN Cabinet

  • Maximal efficiency

    Maximal efficiency

    Units such as shelves, hanger rods, and drawers can be combined freely according to the contents for maximal Cabinet efficiency.

  • Freedom of design

    Freedom of design

    Our systems can be designed freely to suit the interior. Besides storing a wealth of contents, they also look stylish as an element of the interior.

  • Smooth access

    Smooth access

    We offer a choice of three user-friendly door types—folding, sliding, and hinged—for smooth access to the contents.

DAIKEN Cabinet Types

Cabinet Systems

Every unit is your choice. Our Cabinet systems can be designed to suit the floor plan or match the color and pattern with doors or flooring so that each unique solution fits neatly in the interior space.

Door Units
  • Folding Door

    Folding Door

    The accordion partitions can be folded to either side to create a broad opening convenient for accessing large items.

    Folding Door

  • Sliding Door

    Sliding Door

    The three panels are designed to slide simultaneously. As the door does not swing outward, it leaves a generous interior space available for use.

    Sliding Door

  • Hinged Door

    Hinged Door

    The door swings outward 90 degrees, ideal for making efficient use of dead space such as under the staircase.

    Hinged Door

Interior Units
  • The functional walk-in closet organizes and allows easy access to not only clothing but also items ranging from bedding such as down quilts, blankets, and sheets to accessories such as handbags.

  • The shoe and coat closet allows a free combination of units according to family structure and mode of use so that hobby or craft supplies can be stored in the entryway and the process of getting ready to go out is simple.