Versatile materials suitable used
as base materials
for all types of decorative panels.

About MDF

The DAIKEN Group offers two types of MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard),Hardwood and Softwood types.

Hardwood TypeProduct Thickness: 2.5 to 21.0 mm

Excellent Dimensional Stability
Little dimensional change and a low possibility of warping even under harsh environments (at high temperature and high humidity) allow wide use in cabinets, wooden fittings, etc.
Superb Water Resistance
Little swelling in water or in humid environments allows use in window frames (sash frames), flooring baseboards, etc. that require resistance to water and moisture.
Effective Utilization of Untapped Resources and Stable Raw Material Procurement
Taking advantage of our location in Malaysia, we utilize untapped resources such as residual wood pieces discharged from sawmills and plywood plants and also utilize plantation trees to stably procure raw materials.
Hardwood MDF

Softwood TypeProduct Thickness: 1.8 to 30.0 mm

Light-colored Surface suitable for a variety of surface decoration
Laminating this MDF with a translucent sheet has little effect on the decoration surface. In direct printing masking coat process may be removed.
Smooth Surface
Long wood fibers provide smooth surface suitable for lamination, coating, and other treatments.
Effective Utilization of Untapped Resources and Stable Raw Material Procurement
One of our plants is located in New Zealand where planned-afforested radiata pine trees are abundantly available. Portions of the trees not suitable for sawing are used as the raw material of the MDF for stable raw material procurement.
Softwood MDF

Application Examples

Construction Fittings
Flooring material (Base material)
Surface material for counter tables,housing equipment, and flush doors
Frame material (for opening frame, window frame, or door frame)
Ceiling cornice, baseboard, and parting edge
Counter top and ceiling board for bay windows
Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment
Door, side/back plate, and shelf board of kitchen equipment
Top board, side/back plate, and shelf board of washstand
Office Equipment
Blackboard and partition
Furniture and Woodwork
Door, side/top plate, or material of chest/shelf furniture
Front plate and panel of drawers
Door and panel decoration
Table top of legged furniture
Dressing table, Buddhist altar fittings, and corner furniture
Bed head/foot board
Interior accessory (doll case, picture frame, or box)
Entertainment Equipment
Front/side plate, shelf board, panel of electronic musical instrument
Electric and Acoustic Equipment
Loudspeaker box and rack
Table top, legs, and modesty panel of furniture-style Kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer table)
  • Flooring material (Base material)
    Flooring material (Base material)
  • Counter table
    Counter table
  • Door
  • Window frame
    Window frame
  • Kitchen equipment
    Kitchen equipment
  • Blackboard
  • Shelves
  • Bed head/foot board
    Bed head/foot board
  • Table top
    Table top
  • Chest of drawers
    Chest of drawers
  • Dressing table
    Dressing table
  • Kotatsu
  • TV rack
    TV rack
  • Front and side plates of electronic musical equipment etc
    Front and side plates of electronic musical equipment etc.

DAIKEN MDF Production Processes Plan

  1. Wood chips
    Wood chips
  2. Fiberization
  3. Adhesive addition
    Adhesive addition
  4. Drying
  5. Forming
  6. Prepressing
  7. Hot pressing
    Hot pressing
  8. Masterboard cutting
    Masterboard cutting
  9. Seasoning
  10. Sanding
  11. Cutting into product size
    Cutting into product size