Renewable Floor

  • Special made-to-order productAn individual consultation is required before ordering this product.Please contact your local representative for details.
  • Partially replaceable
  • Dent and scratch proof
  • Wax free

Easy renovation of flooring is allowed for apartments and houses for rent, which subject to frequent moving in/out. The high maintainability of the product contributes to the running cost reduction.

Excellent scratch resistance and maintainability

  • Dent and scratch proof

    ● Resists dents caused by the weight of furniture.

    ● Resists scratches caused by dragged furniture or dropped small objects.

    Comparison of scratches caused by dropping objects

    Renewable Floor-SW
    Renewable floor
    Renewable Floor-SW
    General floor
  • Easy care

    ● The special coating material "EB Sheet" resists stains.

    ● Wax free and easy to clean

    ● Resists discoloration and cracking caused by direct sunlight.

    Stain resistance comparison

    Renewable Floor-SW
    Renewable floor
    Renewable Floor-SW
    General floor (ink stain remains)

Easy one-by-one board replacement

Plain View
Attach a suction cup to the center of a board and pull it up.
Plain View
When the center of the board is lifted up, insert your hand beneath it, and raise the short and groove side of the board.
Plain View
Pull out the short and tongue side in a horizontal direction to remove the entire board.

● This product cannot be installed on concrete. Always install it on wooden bases such as plywood or particle boards.

● The overall softness of the floor is improved by the combination of the special adhesive (silicone-based)* and soft resin mats used as the floor base material. Make sure to use the special adhesive*.

● Easily flooring replacement is allowed from only one board.

Plain View
* Special adhesive (CBA91K011 (quantity: 12))

Impact sound reduction

The combination of the resin mat for vibration suppression and plastic-foam shock absorber reduces impact sounds on lightweight floors. Clattering, high-pitched impact sound that is transferred to lower floors can be suppressed.

Reinforced-concrete structure: LL-50 level *¹

Wooden house: LL-55 level *²

*¹ The data was measured at the test site where the product was installed on a 150-mm concrete slab.

*² The data was measured at the test site where 2 × 4 construction was implemented.

* The measured data is the result of the test conducted at the test site and not guaranteed.

■ Structure used for measurement (2 × 4)

Plain View
Plain View


  • TL (LIGHT)

    <TL (LIGHT)>








Dimensions For 1st floors: 5.7 mm thick, 150 mm wide × 910 mm long,
For 2nd floors: 8.7 mm thick, 150 mm wide × 910 mm long,
Packing material, quantity Cardboard case, 24 pieces (3.276 m²) per case
Package weight For 1st floors: Approx. 24 kg/package, For 2nd floors: Approx. 25 kg/package
Base material MDF, resin (polyvinyl chloride) mat
Front surface Olefin sheet (pre-coated)
Edge processing Tongue-and-groove joint and slight chamfering on all sides
Formaldehyde regulations F4-rank certificate of Minister
Special adhesive Silicone resin adhesive 760 ml/piece [sold separately]
Cartridge type, F4-rank certificate of Japan Adhesive Industry Association

■ Cross-sectional View

<General type>
Cross-sectional View
<Sound-proof type>
Cross-sectional View

(Note) During the use, up to 2.0-mm wide clearance might be generated between flooring boards. This is the property of the product to ensure the performance of renewability.


* The performance values and the certification labels are based on the Japanese test method and standards.

* DAIKEN CORPORATION does not guarantee that the products listed here conform to the laws and regulations of the country or region where they are being used.

* The above flooring materials are not designed for use with shoes on.