Versatile materials suitable
used as base materials
for all types of decorative panels

Effective utilization of unused resources: A base material that has become the industrial standard in Japan

DAIKEN has experience and a track record of over 50 years of experience in the insulation board, Dai-Lotone, and fiberboard business and started to focus on medium-density fiberboards (MDF) at an early stage for the possibility of more advanced wood utilization. DAIKEN continued research from the wet type to the dry type.

In early 1990, in Sarawak, Malaysia, which was an important place of origin for tropical wood, plywood and processed wood products were vigorously produced. In those days, the treatment of a large amount of wood offcuts in production was a problem in this area. Industrialization was being pursued for the protection and effective utilization of wood resources. As the demand for global environmental protection increased and the issue of tropical forest protection rapidly emerged, DAIKEN determined that the time was ripe for starting the MDF business.

Effective utilization of residual wood offcuts

In 1996, the MDF plant that had been constructed in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, was completed, and started operation in full scale. The plant produced the Daiken brand Tekwood for high-quality products marketed in Japan, featuring base materials for kitchen doors and other thin products, launching full-scale challenges both in manufacturing and in marketing. The plant has pursued the establishment of stable production systems since its operation start, has established quality management systems, and acquired ISO 9001 certification in 1998. The plant has also established a site in New Zealand and is expanding its business.

MDF is produced using residual wood offcuts, other unused resources, and acacia and other afforested wood from Malaysia, as well as radiata pine trees that are afforested and felled in a planned manner in New Zealand as raw materials. The performance portfolio of MDF has been enhanced featuring the characteristics of wood materials and is being broadly used in Japan and overseas as an industrial material that is optimal for doors, counters, kitchen doors, floor materials, and various other decorative base materials.

Malaysian plant producing MDF

This MDF plant started operation in 1996. We established Daiken Sarawak as a local corporation and have participated in forest administration.

MDF used for base floor materials

MDF used for base floor materials

MDF is used as a component floor material. It is strong against dents and increases smoothness.

MDF used for door surface materials

MDF used for door surface materials

MDF has high durability and is used in many parts of housing.

History of MDF