Made In Japan Non Combustible Decoration Base Material


Excellent fire resistance, strength, and lightweight suitable for various types of Non Combustible Decorative base board.

Noncombustible Material with Excellent Fire Resistance

Noncombustible decorative base material ideal for decorative base board products that require high fire resistance

Lightweight and High Strength

Lightweight and high-rigidity noncombustible material with a density of 0.77 g/cm³ <FAL>, highly suitable as a surface material for various types of decorative board products

Excellent Dimensional Stability

Superb dimensional stability equivalent to calcium silicate boards

Exceptional Decorative Surface Quality

Exceptionally smooth surface that significantly improves the quality of decorative surface on coating finished and moisture-permeable sheet finished products
*Please use solvent-free adhesives such as a PUR (polyurethane reactive) hot-melt adhesive).

Easy of Cutting

Base material that can be cut easily using a wood chip saw or even a hand saw

No Preservation Treatment Needed to Prevent Termite/insect Damage and Decay

Base material using an inorganic material that is hardly eaten by termites and wood-destroying fungi. This is a human-friendly product that eliminates the need for termite, insects, and decay prevention.

Eco-friendly and Human-friendly

Asbestos-free inorganic base material featuring a low environmental load. DAILITE is a formaldehyde labeling exempted product friendly to the earth and human beings.


Application Examples Various types of decorative base boards, kitchen hanging door, noncombustible molding, store/hall interior material, wall material for museum repository, flat roof underlayment, etc.
Material composition Thin-paper aluminum-foil laminated on both sides/no volcanic silicates fiber reinforced multi-layer board on back surface (not reversible)
Noncombustibility Noncombustible material certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, NM-1221 (DAILITE FAL) Noncombustible material certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, NM-1220 (DAILITE FTL)
Density (g/cm³) 0.77 (DAILITE FAL) 1.3 (DAILITE FTL)
Bending strength (N/mm²) 12 (DAILITE FAL) 16 (DAILITE FTL)
Peel strength (N/mm²) 0.6
Standard dimensions 6.9 mm thick, 925 x 1,840 mm (DAILITE FAL) 3 mm thick, 925 x 1,840 mm (DAILITE FTL)
Packing material, quantity 6 mm thick: 100 pieces, 9 mm thick: 70 pieces (DAILITE FAL) 100 pieces (DAILITE FTL)
Custom order dimensions 6.9 mm thick, 610 to 1,225 x 1,000 to 3,030 mm (DAILITE FAL) 3 mm thick, 610 to 1,225 x 1,000 to 3,030 mm (DAILITE FTL)
Custom order production lot 3,000 m² min.


* The performance values and the certification labels are based on the Japanese test method and standards.

* DAIKEN CORPORATION does not guarantee that the products listed here conform to the laws and regulations of the country or region where they are being used.