Made In Japan LA Stone-grain or abstract pattern

Official Certification and Industry Group-related Declarations

Color and Texture Variation

<LA11>3×6 ft WFG3LA11-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA11-22
<LA12>3×6 ft WFG3LA12-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA12-22
<LA13>3×6 ft WFG3LA13-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA13-22
<LA14>3×6 ft WFG3LA14-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA14-22
<LA15>3×6 ft WFG3LA15-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA15-22
<LA16>3×6 ft WFG3LA16-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA16-22
<LA17>3×6 ft WFG3LA17-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA17-22
<LA18>3×6 ft WFG3LA18-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA18-22
<LA19>3×6 ft WFG3LA19-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA19-22
<LA20>3×6 ft WFG3LA20-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA20-22
<LA21>3×6 ft WFG3LA21-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA21-22
<LA22>3×6 ft WFG3LA22-12
3×8 ft WFG3LA22-22


Dimensions [3 × 6 ft] 3 mm thick, 910 × 1,820 mm, [3 × 8 ft] 3 mm thick, 910 × 2,420 mm
Quantity, weight [3×6 ft] 2 pieces (3.31 m² , approx. 16 kg) per package, [3 × 8 ft] 2 pieces (4.40 m² , approx. 22 kg) per package
Front surface DAP resin coated paper (Mirror)
Edge processing Cutting-off on all sides
Certifications Minister for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-certified Non-Combustible Material, NM-2576
Formaldehyde regulations Labeling exempted product


* The performance values and the certification labels are based on the Japanese test method and standards.

* DAIKEN CORPORATION does not guarantee that the products listed here conform to the laws and regulations of the country or region where they are being used.