About DAIKEN Wall Tile

About DAIKEN Wall Tile

  • DAIKEN Wall Tile control humidity, deodorize, and absorb formaldehyde to maintain a comfortable room environment healthy for both the home and the residents.

Why is it necessary to control room humidity?

  • When humidity is high (70% or more)...

    Mold and mites thrive and become allergens that can cause bronchial asthma, rhinitis, pink eye, and atopic dermatitis.

  • When humidity is low (40% or less)...

    Viruses thrive that can cause the common cold and influenza. Low humidity can also cause dry skin and a sore throat.

Humidity controlMaintains humidity levels gentle to the human body.
  • When the air is humid
    Absorbs excess moisture to prevent condensation and mold growth.

  • When the air is dry
    Releases the accumulated moisture to prevent excessive dryness.

Product Features(Movie)

DeodorantRemoves unpleasant smells and maintains a fresh environment.
  • DAIKEN Wall Tile absorb the chemical substances that cause unpleasant smells such as the odor of ammonia from the toilet.
  • A comparative test shows that DAIKEN products effectively reduce the odor of ammonia (see the chart below).
  • The products are recommended in the toilet and washroom, the living room where the family gathers, and areas where pets like to play.
  • Pet odor

  • Garbage odor

  • Drain-pipe odor

  • Toilet odor

[Test method]
place test piece. in small sealed container and insufflate foul odor source up to certain concentration, measure concentretion change tested at in - house laboratory

Formaldehyde absorbentAbsorbs and decomposes the hazardous substance formaldehyde.
  • DAIKEN Wall Tile absorbs formaldehyde, which presents a risk to human health, along with humidity.
  • It reduces concentration levels to below 0.08 ppm, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW).

Formaldehyde absorbent comparative test