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Healthy Wall BoardMade in Japan

Decorative Wall BoardMade in Japan

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Healthy Wall Board

Healthy Indoor Air Quality start with maintaining proper indoor relative humidity (RH) levels.

DAIKEN breathable wall board with waterproof feature to keep your living space at comfortable humidity levels.

Healthy Wall Board


Eliminate Pet Odor and others indoor smell in Daily Life

Toilet odor, garbage odor, and pet odor are major odors in daily life. DAIKEN's Humidity conditioning wall material absorbs major chemical substances considered to be the causes of these odors and is recommended for rooms where odors can accumulate, or families keeping pets in their homes (see the diagram on the right).

Odor in Home Entrance, Body Odor (Acetic Acid)
Pet Odor, Garbage Odor (Trimethylamine)
Toilet Odor(Urine), Pet Odor, Shoe Odor (Ammonia)
Toilet Odor(Stool), Kitchen(Garbage) Odor (Hydrogen Sulfide)

Formaldehyde Absorption

Absorbing Toxic Formaldehyde (Excluding WT206)

DAIKEN's humidity conditioning wall material is highly effective to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde emission from other building materials and furniture.

■Formaldehyde Absorption Comparison *2
Absorbing Toxic Formaldehyde Absorbing Toxic Formaldehyde

*2 The guideline value of the airborne formaldehyde concentration in indoor air presented by the WHO (World Health Organization) and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is 0.08 ppm.

Non-combustible Wall Board

Absorbing Toxic Formaldehyde
LA, Stone-grain or abstract pattern <LA17>
Absorbing Toxic Formaldehyde
UB, Wood-grain pattern <UB24>

Non-combustible wall board that realizes beautiful finish and easy installation

We proudly introduce a new fire-resistant decorative panel for interior, which incorporates a field-proven underlayment, as the base material.
This non-combustible wall panel has an excellent lightweight property and workability. Its unique cut-end design help the product fit neatly, reducing labor for installation. The versatile lineup of products with high-quality patterns allows various applications for residential, commercial and public use.
Non-combustible Wall Board is the new standard of interior facing. The decorative panel keeps interior beautiful and clean, enhancing the value of facilities and housing.


The base material contains DAIKEN's original high-performance base material, which is made from mineral fiber and volcanic vitreous sediment that are highly resistant to heat and fire.

High fire resistance
High fire resistance

Highnon-combustibility certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


Non-combustible Wall Board is easy to carry, as it weighs 2/3 of the weight of general melamine facing.

High workability

A cutter can be used for a small- scale processing.

LA, Wood-grain pattern
LA, Wood-grain pattern <LA67>
TA, Stone-grain or abstract pattern
TA, Stone-grain or abstract pattern <TA16>
UB, Wood-grain pattern <UB12>
UB, Wood-grain pattern <MILL BEIGE>


* The performance values and the certification labels are based on the Japanese test method and standards.

* DAIKEN CORPORATION does not guarantee that the products listed here conform to the laws and regulations of the country or region where they are being used.