About us

Daiken Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on February 15,1994 as a Malaysian and Japanese Joint Venture Company to answer the Sarawak State Government Policy for Global Environment concern by adopting an efficient method to reduce the rapid deterioration of its timber resources. The first of its kind in Sarawak, the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Factory is situated in Bintulu to coincide with one of the State Government objectives of utilising wood residues as raw materials from other timber mills such as Sawmills and Plywood factories. These wood residues are transformed into high value-added products from our Factory advanced and technological Computer Control System, which operate our sophisticated and fully automated machinery.

DSK Company Policy

Development and establishment of a sound and profitable Management Policy. Therefore developing a quality and cost effective MDF products, thus ensuring our company leadership in a very competitive market. Nevertheless, we must still maintain that our first priority is Safety, Health and our Environment, equally committed to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Daiken Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. (DSK) is committed to providing customer satisfaction
with its range of quality MDF products, and prompt deliveries,
while preserving the environment, same time ensuring a safety, healthy,
and clean working environment for all its employees.
DSK all employees, work as a team under the slogan,
“We DSK, sharing
happiness & pride together”,
shall mobilise and working together to:-

  1. 1.Be sensitive to our customer’s needs by meeting customers special requirement ,
    meeting Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) requirements, and assuring all TPC
    certified products meeting California Air Resource Board/United States
    Environment Protection Agency (CARB/EPA) requirement
  2. 2.Update our technology to sustain our market leadership and
    engage in continual improvement activities
  3. 3.Conserve timber resources and utilization of our own plantation logs for production consumption
    through Plantation Programme which we aim to meet certified Sustainable
    Forest Management System
  4. 4.To maintain and implement the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
    Chain of Custody System based on Chain of Custody of Forest based
    Products – Requirements (PEFC ST2002:2013)in order to produce PEFC-Certified finished products
  5. 5.To comply with Malaysia Environmental Quality Legislations ,
    Department of Environment (DOE) Guided-Self-Regulations (GSR) requirements;
  6. 6.To minimizing numbers of Lost-Time-Injuries, job related injuries or near-miss,
    and illness with proper action and preventive measures taken
  7. 7.Implement a sound company Quality and Environment Management System based on ISO9001 and
    ISO14001 Standard, to prevent water, air, land ,noise pollution and waste generation ,
    thus avoiding nearby communities or public complaints
  8. 8.Providing a conducive working environment by complying with Occupational Safety and
    Health Act 1994 and Regulations
  9. 9.Develop proper working procedures with implementation lead by Safety,
    Health and Environmental Committee, Safety and Health Officer,
    Competent Personnel and participation by all employees
  10. 10.Committed to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities,
    as to generate positive image for the company in this region