Tree Plantation

We started our planting activity

DSK started our planting activity in 2002 on pre-developed land. Our industrial tree planting covers 5,900Ha of land under “License Planted Forest / 0003” located in Bakun area. We have achieved a progress of 79% land with Acacia Mangium until December 2014. We started our harvesting activity on 2011 with 840Ha of re-planted area. DSK will continue this cycle to supply and sustain our raw material demand.

We consider about environment

DSK join to “Pilot project for environmental compliance audit” by NREB(Natural Resource and Environmental Board Sarawak states). All representatives of this project, all plantation and all activity inside forest will be improved for environment and safety following our government’s new standard.

We try full utilization

DSK is “Medium Density Fiberboard” manufacturing which can utilize even small logs. For the Timber industries such a small logs is considered as “waste”. We try to collect usable logs as much as possible in our plantation.

Forest Plantation Certification

Public Summary Forest Plantation Management Plan for Daiken FPMU LPF/0003 ( posted: 20/02/2024)