What is MDF?

MDF, as it commonly referred to, is “ Medium Density Fiberboard “, a kind of engineering composite wood products, manufactured by combination of wood fiber, adhesives & chemicals through conversion process from wood fiber pressing into board. It possesses greater surface & mechanical property for the benefit of machining & cuttability, as compare to conventional wood products. It is widely accepted for profiling process & laminating process into flooring base, ceiling base, wall panel & furniture base products. Daiken Sarawak Sdn.Bhd. (DSK) MDF is unique, which utilize tropical wood species fiber, that is naturally stronger fiber compare other species. This gives excellent properties acceptance among the worldwide MDF markets.

How to Produce?

  1. Wood chips

  2. Fiberization

  3. Adhesive addition

  4. Drying

  5. Forming

  6. Prepressing

  7. Hot pressing

  8. Masterboard cutting

  9. Seasoning

  10. Sanding

  11. Cutting into product size

How to Use?

  • Door

  • Floor

  • Kitchen

  • Cabinet

  • Molding,

  • Staircase