About DAIKEN Flooring

DAIKEN Flooring is manufactured under strict quality control at our factories in Japan.
A variety of designs is coupled with excellent functions born of unique technologies to meet a broad range of customer needs.
We use materials gentle on the global environment, such as plywood made from planted trees and MDF made from residual wood pieces.
Features of DAIKEN Flooring

  • Hygienic
    Antibacterial coating controls the growth of bacteria.
  • Easy maintenance
    Easy maintenance
    Stain and scratch resistant coating eliminates the need for waxing.
  • Strong against impact
    Strong against impact
    All products are resistant to dents from dropped dishes and scratches from toys and vacuuming.
  • Variety of designs
    Variety of designs
    Our diverse design lineup includes precious wood, marbled, and abstract patterns.
  • Dog friendly
    Dog friendly
    We offer slip resistant flooring gentle on dogs’ legs and hips, and products strong against ammonia stains.
  • Safe for the elderly
    Safe for the elderly
    We offer slip and trip resistant flooring easy to walk on for the elderly.