DAIKEN Ceilings are chosen
in buildings all over the world

JR Kyoto station,Kyoto,Japan

DAIKEN Ceilings are made from selected mineral rockwool fibers and special binders.
The mineral rockwool fibers uniformly interwoven by the unique wet-felting process to form DAIKEN Ceilings.
Because the DAIKEN Ceilings has porous properties with a low specific gravity,
they exhibit efficient thermal insulation and sound absorption qualities,
while resisting sound transmission more effectively than glass fiber products.

DAIKEN makes ceiling from slag wool,
a byproduct of iron manufacturing.

Slag is converted into mineral fibers, than the fibers are felted into DAIKEN Ceilings.
Photo shows a piece of slag and mineral fibers.

There are many good reasons to choose DAIKEN Ceilings

Advantages to Users

Fire Resistance
Outstanding fire resistance helps contain fires.
Thermal Insulation
Thermal insulation performance is 6 times better than gypsum board, and helps to minimize cost of air conditioning.
Sound Absorption
Adequately absorb the sound and create comfortable reverberant sound.
Attractive Design
With design versatility, DAIKEN ceiling are attractive.

Advantages to Builders

Easy installation and maintenance.
Most of DAIKEN Ceiling can be installed by the metal suspension system.
No Asbestos contained
All DAIKEN Ceilings are Asbestos-free products.

ECO Label

  • GreenLavel SUNGAPORE
    The Singapore Green Labeling Scheme aims to help the public identify environment-friendly products that meet certain eco-standards specified by the scheme and seeks to encourage the level of eco-consumerism in Singapore as well as to identify the growing demand for greener products in the market.
  • Green Building Material
    The Green Building Material (GBM) Labeling System of Taiwan proposed by the Architecture and Building Research Institute was officially launched in 2004 to systematically and effectively evaluate the performance of green building materials.
  • Registered Scope
    (Registered Scope)

    Organization for Standardization
    [ISO 14001]
    related to Environmental Management Systems
    [ISO 9001]
    related to Quality Management Systems