Ceiling Types

About Healty Ceiling

Comfortable and relaxed in healthy room.
Basic functions are No Asbestos contained, Low VOC emission, Absorbing Formaldehyde, Eco Mark Product, Adjusting moisture level, Deodorant Efficiency and Generating Negative ions.

Healty CeilingHealty Ceiling


Absorbing Harmful Formaldehyde

Our board absorb harmful formaldehyde on the surface and chemically dissolves and detoxfies the formaldehyde.It works to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde generated from furniture and other building materials.

Moisture Absorbing

Comfortable moisture level in daily life is believed to be between 40 and 70%. When the moisture level rises inside house and exhales extra moisture stored inside ceiling board when room gets too dry, and works to make the moisture lebel fit to human body.


4 major foul odors in daily life are smell from toilet, drainage, kitchen garbage and pet animal. Our deodrant ceiling board with deodrant efficacy absorbs the chemical agents caused these bad odors.

Generating Negative Ions

You feel refreshed when you are in great nature, such as in woods. near cascade or cataract and mountain stream.
It is believed that negative ions abundant in nature is contributing.


  • Pattern: 11(TA2811)

    Pattern: 11(TA2811)

  • Pattern: 12(TA2812)

    Pattern: 12(TA2812)

  • Pattern: 21(TA2821)

    Pattern: 21(TA2821)

  • Pattern: 10(TA2899)

    Pattern: 10(TA2899)

  • Pattern: 20(TA2898)

    Pattern: 20(TA2898)

  • Pattern: 001(TA2801)

    Pattern: 001(TA2801)

  • Pattern: 002(TA2802)

    Pattern: 002(TA2802)

Standard Size Edge
Tongued & Grooved Tile 9mm
(9mm base)
303 x 606mm 4 sides: Trimmed