Factbook 2023

Consolidated financial results and financial summaries are available here.
The DAIKEN Group has adopted the Japanese GAAP (IFRS) .

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Financial Highlights
Net Sales (YoY change)
Housing Starts (YoY change)
Cost of Sales/Gross Profit
Operating Profit/Operating Profit to Net Sales
Ordinary Profit/Ordinary Profit to Net Sales
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent/Profit to Net Sales
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent/Return on Equity (ROE)
Total Assets/Return on Assets (ROA)
Earnings Per Share (EPS)/Price Earnings Ratio (PER)
Book Value Per Share (BPS) /Price Book Value Ratio (PBR)
Net Sales Per Employee/Ordinary Profit
Cash Flows (Operating/Investing/Financing Cash Flows/Free Cash Flow)
Capital Expenditures/Depreciation
Shareholder Equity/Shareholder Equity Ratio
Interest-bearing Debts/Shareholder Equity/Debt-equity Ratio
Earnings Per Share/Dividend Per Share/Dividend Payout Ratio
Total Dividend/Dividend Payout Ratio
Market Capitalization
Net Sales by Business Segment
Consolidated Balance Sheet (Assets)
Consolidated Balance Sheet (Liabilities/Net Assets)
Consolidated Statements of Income
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (Operating Cash Flow)
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (Investing/Financing Cash Flows)